About us

Our Vision

Japan is going through a period of major transition and is faced with a variety of challenges: economic deregulation and globalization, corporate management restructuring, adopting a more flexible employment system, and the aging of its population.
Owing to these structural problems, the Japanese economy is currently in a deadlock. To cope with and tide over these upcoming changes, we must work further to encourage the participation of women, who comprise half the population, in a wider range of economic activities.

Our goals are to:

  • increase the role of women in the workplace with increased profits to corporations,
  • establish effective positive actions,
  • realize a new societal system with smaller families, and
  • achieve a better work life balance.

Our key Agent Strateges

  • Preparing:To make “The Women’s Resource Research Center (Japanese Community College for Women) ” Conduct comparable research between America and Japan concerning Making and Carrying out the Public Policy of Women’s Job Support Organizaition
  • Award:Recognize publicly best practices for working mothers in corporate (small and medium-sized) enterprises
  • Consulting:Offer training programs, in particular leadership skills and career design courses.
  • Networking:Establish a network of those who seek women’s career advancement at the corporate level and the realization of a new societal system with small and medium-sized corporations in each community.

Our Job

Our job

Create (Career Advancement)

  • Career Adviser training course
  • Leadership development seminar
  • Business planning seminar
  • Career development seminar
  • Vocational counseling
  • Job-research services

Study (Research, Study & Consulting)

  • Evaluation of companies for working mothers
  • Action Planning / Policy Planning / Consulting
  • Hearing with companies(investigation & consultation)
  • Survey on consciousness and actual Labor situation

Action (Research and Information)

  • Publication of “Women and Work Journal”
  • Conducting action tours
  • Hosting international symposiums